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Psychotronic Weapons.The Sound of Silence The Antithesis of Freedom

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 30 czerwca 2013

 Psychotronic Weapons

Most readers may already be familiar with what’s called „Silent Sound Spread Spectrum” otherwise known as the „Sound of Silence”:


The Sound of Silence

The Antithesis of Freedom

[Editor’s Note: This is an extremely timely and important essay. It overviews a secret Pentagon psychotronics technology known asSilent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) that has been fully operational since the early 1990s. I first found out about the use of this technology from Al Bielek in a 1992 video he made with Vladimir Terziski. This technology was used against battle-hardened Iraqi troops fortified in deep underground bunkers in Kuwait and Iraq in the first Gulf War in January of 1991…
Here is a way such psychotronic weapons can be countered very simply with very little „high-tech” or any need for far „out there” ET technology:

Orgone In A Can

I have never been interested very much in radionics, but the events of the last months stimulated me to focus a little more on the subject.

Substantially it started with the Obama-Obama-Obama mind broadcast the day (it was night here) Obama was elected for president in th US.( It was posted in the „Radionics for O´Bomber and witches in the White House” – thread.)

From then on we ha[ve] had a lot of etheric interference within the last weeks, and, as it was perceptible, most of this stuff was based on some sort of permanent radionic harassment.

Radionic assaults seem to be the most used strategies to wear us down and crush our spirits step by step. At least since fall… maybe also as a „reward” for my blogging (in German) which slowly got a little more daily hits.

Boosting turned out to be helpful, but we were not able to stop the negativity building up in the house and our personal relationships.

At a certain point, when thinking how to stop this, I remembered a conversation, had several years ago with a musician who was also running a sound recording studio together with another musician.

This guy told me about a „trick” they were using, when some recording sessions started to load up with bad moods and feelings. They used to make some „black box”-recordings on days with great creative atmosphere. That means they recorded this atmosphere with a microphone within a soundproof box. What they got was, acoustically, some low white noise. But it had turned out that these recordings, when played over speakers, lightened up the atmosphere and brought a good

feeling back into the studio.

So I tried to use this for my purposes.

About 3 years ago I had made an Orgone-can. That means I had put a smaller food tin can within a bigger one and filled the space between with metal shavings, quartz and resin. I regularly use it to charge crystals or whatever else…

So I had already a space containing great energy and atmosphere at my hands… no need to wait for better days. Put a microphone inside, a bigger piece of orgonite on top in order to close the can and started recording on my hard drive.Www.ethericresearch.com

After a few minutes I saved the file and played it on the speakers. And it was astonishing!

It was like being in a strong stream of orgone when sitting in front of the speakers.

Second thing was, that the radionic interference was noticeably decreased.

Third is, it is then very easy to boost a target.

I transferred the file on a Compact Disc to have it portable, for example in the car or at work. And it works also from the compact!

So the CD is like an orgone can, one can open it up and release the orgone, when playing this white noise.

It is easy for everyone to repeat the experiment. All you need is an orgonite with a cavity big enough to put a small microphone in for recording the sound of orgone.

So this works similar to a succor punch, but I´m not sure if it is able to block surveillance or some radionic signal completely.

It is a helpful tool, but, all in all it is a passive measure.

Passive measures are useful but a determined assault will probably need to be met head-on and defeated. Otherwise, they probably will keep increasing the pressure.

What I found helpful is, when boosting, one can aim the stream of healthy orgone at a desired target. And this works very, very well, at least as I had experienced it.

Please be also cautious to make your own orgone record! To be sure to have a healthy orgone track, which is not contaminated with other kinds of etheric signatures. I´m quite sure that music industry is regularly and widely making use of this effect.

Try it yourself and have fun! It´s easy. But keep always in mind, that this does not replace orgonite and gifting! It does not replace boosting from the heart and predator blasting, as you can read and learn at donebydooney!

It does not replace anything, it is just an additional discovery which may be useful. OK?


Full PDF article: http://www.ethericresearch.com/archi…goneinacan.pdf

Guess what satanists would record and re-play along some gaga lady’s concert?
Imagine what some obscure MD down in some DUMB labs would record from patients affected by the plague or other rare diseases and re-play in the midst of the low buzz of computer or TV speakers?
Then, it’s not a very difficult nor a challenging step to get that kind of signals to be carried by cell-phone towers or satellites beams or whatever fancies one, like HAARP arrays as described in this PDF: Must Read: The Matrix Deciphered by Dr Robert Duncan. The latter explains how the electromagnetic signature of a disease or organ malfunction can be recorded and can therefore be re-transmitted onto any target, individual or collective.
However, let your unbridled imagination dream up the positive applications this simple technology can have!
In case one gets tempted to think those „Orgone in a can” and „boosting” session are just innocuous anecdotes, the letter agencies take it more seriously:
Quote As an experiment, I have downloaded the „orgoneinacan” testfile and put it on my website http://www.orgonite.eu/ as background music. I’ll report back if any significant changes happen in relation to visitors or sales. It is my very subjective impression that it already makes a difference in how I feel better myself – of course in the „etheric realm” I am probably connected to my website: I often physically feel the radionics they aim at it (*). Not so now. I wonder if this sustains?

However, hearing the white noise directly myself hasn’t worked for me yet. Which says nothing about it’s effects, more about my reactions.

(*) point of notice: same IP’s visiting my website during chat time, staying online as long as our boosting lasts.

As for my other subjective impressions: while listening to the CD I had a hard time staying awake and so did the cat. Just like the first time I brought home orgonite, I felt the urge to take an “orgone nap”. The energy felt much smoother and more pleasant to me then the compressed download did.

Apparently the white noise sends out lots of orgone energy. As soon as I played it – my speakers on maximum volume – a dove settled on a fence in my garden and began courting and cooing like crazy. He was one happy bird! It reminded me of the first time I set up a cloudbuster, when immediately after two doves flew in and mated for an hour straight on.

Yesterday I received an email from my web host, saying he was notified by his server provider that the traffic on my website had increased considerably since 24 January. Since this could mean hacking activity, he had looked in to it. It was partly due to the large white noise file I had put up as background music that day. But also due to one single visitor good for 33% of the hits since 24 January: IP number….. Well, what do you know… that’s the Homeland Security in Boston. Apparently the orgone white noise has their interest too. Now their unusual activity has the attention of my web-host as a former pyjama person too, isn’t that great progress?!

Today I have changed the “.MP3” recording for a piece of Manfred’s “.wav” track, since I found the wider frequency range more appropriate as white noise for the experiment. It’s two seconds in loop and I have called it “mosquito.wav” – a little joke, because Mosquito is also the name for a dutch speaker device used in public spaces (stations, etc.) to scare away vandals with high pitch tones only young people can hear.



Re: Orgone In A Can

Got once more cut off from my internet access at home, will post more, hopefully tomorrow.

Meanwhile enjoy another application of orgone in a can:

It contains speech masked within the orgone-noise saying: „All attacks are returning to the aggressors. The agenda of the parasitic elite is failing and decaying to nothing. The positive field of Orgone is growing stronger, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day”

Doesn´t matter if it is German, English, Chinese or any other language. It is the intention, that makes the file work.
Can be done easily by everybody!

Enjoy fighting back!

Ending the parasite´s agenda.MP3

Edit: Got a visit from the US government on my site. They are pretty quick!

Punching The Monkey!

Since putting up the second file for download also DARPA is obviously interested in my website and the new research forum.

Pretty much interest for things that officially do neither exist nor do have any effect……..

Thanks for leaving your footprints in the visitors statistics, guys!

My assumption on this is that an „orgone field” disturbs/interferes with their „energetic grid” and are able to almost instantly locate the disturbance area and dispatch black helicopters and teams to remove a piece of salted epoxy resin muffin out of a field in the middle of nowhere… same happens to people performing their own brand of meditation…

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