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Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 22 czerwca 2013

As if the current „white sun” was not enough to let you know something huge is WRONG in the world right now.

We have the simple FACT the sun is setting more north each day and has been for about 2 years now..

DO NOT listen to these „paid trolls” who tell you its all perfectly normal and happens every single year in the summer then drifts back west in the winter bla bla bla bla

Why then are people now speaking about windows in their house receiving direct sunlight that never did before? I have a bathroom that has always let the sun in in the afternoon now you cant even see the sun at ALL during its journey looking out the same window at any time of day!


But its not „Nibiru” doing it..

God is doing it

God is in control

And like the ONLY thing that told you that clouds would cover the sun (cloud sun since dec 21 2012) and the moon would not give her light is the BIBLE..

Get a copy of the king james and do not fool with any other bibles or religions

ALL christianity you see out here..the churches.the screaming preachers……….etc etc IMO is all based upon the KJV…..I cant prove anything about a manuscript, thats all hear say to me…………

The heavenly father is giving everyone a chance to repent and turn away from sin and seek him and the truth in these last days.

The time is running out!!

I will leave you with a few links on youtube of others documenting the more northerly setting sun and you can use this thread whenever you need to to know you are NOT crazy and these things are not normal.






  1. zenobiusz said

    Każdy powinien sam poczynić obserwacje. 🙂

    • Rosa said

      Ja poczyniłam obserwację kwiatów na moim balkonie. Zachowują się dziwnie, zawsze rosły w miarę prosto w górę, mam balkon od południa, a w tym roku „wychylają się na połludniowy zachód” i to wyraźnie. Przyszło mi do głowy, że to może ma jakiś związek z możliwym prebiegunowaniem, jak myślicie? Ps. To pelargonie, nigdy tak dziwnie zgodnie nie wychylały się w prawo…


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