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San Giovanni Rotondo And St. Michaels Cave, Gargano .Orgon vs luciferians.

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 18 grudnia 2012

 San Giovanni Rotondo And St. Michaels Cave, Gargano
Last Wednesday I went to San Giovanni Rotondo, a town situated on the Gargano plateau, in Apulia, to gift the sanctuary dedicated to Padre Pio of Pietralcina, a twentieth century Capuchin friar, thaumaturge and mystic who is credited with thousands of miraculous cures during his lifetime. He is venerated for having borne stigmata, permanent wounds on his hands and feet like those Christ suffered at the crucifixion. He lived for decades with these bleeding wounds.Daniele, a prolific gifter from Emilia Romagna (northern Italy) and a pioneer in gifting his area, wrote to me some time ago to tell me that the ultra modern church built by the famous architect Renzo Piano is de facto a satanic temple for its structure and refined 33rd degree masonic symbolism. A real luciferian abomination as many researchers have been pointing out. In particular, Father Luigi Villa, a priest who has openly denounced the occult symbolism of the new church and Eng. Franco Adessa, who published a very detailed study analyzing the meaning of these symbols.
I found a good document that gives an idea of what this church represents, the content seems to go far beyond sheer coincidence:http://www.chiesaviva.com/satanictemple%20padrepio.pdf

I left for San Giovanni Rotondo in the morning with a lot of orgonite because I was sure I would find a lot of towers to gift on my way there. I counted some thirty of them! As soon as I got there I immediately gifted a couple of towers that I found just outside the town, then I left my car in the parking lot and headed for the sanctuary.

San Giovanni Rotondo receives more than 7 millions pilgrims a year and is the second most visited Catholic location in the world after Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. The energy there was quite bad, I could sense it quite easily although I’m not an energy sensitive. My mind went back to San Galgano in Tuscany that I gifted last summer and I couldn’t help making the difference between the two locations. The energy at San Galgano was simply beautiful, vibrating: I enjoyed it a lot.

This is the new church:


I gifted 12 TBs around it. I didn’t stay much because I got I strange sensation of discomfort so I decided to go.

This is one of the entrances of the sanctuary, it looks like a prison to me:


Interesting to note that the supervisor of the project of the new church was Mons. Crispino Valenziano, a top level prelate whose name was on the so called “Pecorelli’s list” a document published in 1976 by journalist Mino Pecorelli which unveiled the connection between masonry and Vatican. Mino Pecorelli was shot dead in Rome for his inquires and for having denounced the superpowers behind the kidnapping and killing of Aldo Moro.

Anyways, as I had spotted a group of antennas on top of the hill behind San Giovanni Rotondo, I drove all around them and gifted a beautiful pyramid, three emispheres plus a lot of TBs. Actually, I didn’t have much time because I was eager to go to St. Michael’s cave at Monte Sant’Angelo, the real destination of my gifting trip, some twenty kilometers from San Giovanni Rotondo.

Monte Sant’Angelo is probably the most important place of cult of Christianity because of the two apparitions of the Archangel Michael in 490 and 493. Visited down the centuries by kings, emperors, saints and ordinary pilgrims it was the place where crusaders went before going to the Holy Land. I arrived quite late, the cave was closed for lunchtime, so I had to wait till afternoon to visit it. Monte Sant’Angelo is on the so called St’ Michael’s line on which all the most important sanctuaries dedicated to the Archangel are situated. My intention was to gift this line, of course.

I headed for the antennas that I saw just outside the town and busted them:



Monte Sant’Angelo is a picturesque town:


This is the entrance to the sanctuary, there’s an inscription on the portal on the right that says: “Terribilis est locus iste, hic domus dei est, et porta coeli” which means “This is a terrible place, this is the house of the Lord and the door to Heaven”. Monte Sant’Angelo is a very powerful energy vortex and I’m happy to have gifted there some good energy to keep it strong and vital.



Thousands of inscriptions can be seen along the stairs that lead to the cave, it is a real voyage through history because of all the pilgrims from everywhere that have been here. Some of them are very old, written in runic characters. I entered the cave and stayed there for an hour pleased by the beautiful energy that I could feel. The cave is a real mystical place, which I hope to visit again, I liked it very much. I managed to gift three TBs but I took no photo because it was forbidden so I’m putting one taken from the web:


Thanks for reading!




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