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Orgonite, Bees And Honey Production

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 23 listopada 2012

Orgonite, Bees And Honey Production

I have already mentioned about my friend Anastasios and his intense gifting in a previous post.
He resides in a mountainous area in northwest Greece.
Some months ago he decided to experiment with his father’s bees.
He has 4 beehives for covering the needs of the family in honey around the year.
When Anastasios first put TBs at the hives he got excited noticing how active and energized the bees were and couldn’t wait to let me know about that.

Yesterday he sent me a message to report how their bees survived during an incredibly cold winter, how happy he is to see the bee population grow up and how unbelievable it is (he said : science fiction!) to get a satisfactory amount of honey considering the series of negative factors as the Spring was very cold and rainy too and bees couldn’t find and collect the necessary amount of pollen.
He just mentioned all that in comparison to other bee keepers (some professionals and holding a big number of hives) who have seen their bees dying of the freeze, the quantity of the collected honey diminished to zero and their business collapsed!
Anastasios has put 2 TBs underneath each hive and has buried some copper pipes with a TB at the lower end around the plot in order to balance the climat of the area.

Good job my friend!



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