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The White House Is Going to Ban My Orgone!!

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 9 września 2011

The White House Is Going to Ban My Orgone!!


This is out of Rahm Emmanuel’s office in Chicago…I got a heads up from a person out there.

The TSA is working with the White House to find a way to make orgone ‚destructive’ so they can ban it. They are going to close off a portion of Chicago O’Hare Int’l airport so they can test different ways to make bombs and use it as a way for a false flag…to blame the orgone!! I’ve been warning people I see them banning it in the codes…and that’s huge confirmation!
He said they talk about it at all their global summit meetings…how to ban it..
I knew they did…just more confirmation!
He said the air is totally saturated with it, and it’s crashing UFOs..
which, we already knew..but funny anyway
So they’re trying to find ways to ban it, and bring in their ‚masters’..
cuz the orgone’s been a nightmare for their plans with bringing them in as ‚angels’ or ‚gods’

I’ve seen this in the codes…and it looks like Sept/Oct could be the time they try to ban it, which means anytime then or before they will do some kind of false flag and blame it on orgone…

And probably has something to do with crashing an ‚airplane’ since they’re testing the ‚ways’ at an airport…

Get it or Make it while you can folks!! There’s not much time left!!



Komentarze 2 to “The White House Is Going to Ban My Orgone!!”

  1. Atena7777 said

    Może za chwilę zabronią nam oddychać……………żeby przypadkiem za dużo życiodajnej energii z otaczającego nas eteru (orgonu) się nie nawdychać!!!


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