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Kto ma rację ,o co na prawdę chodzi.Podyskutujmy.

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 2 września 2011

Several planes look a little odd, or have attachments that look odd, and so some people feel they must be part of a decades long conspiracy to spray stuff into the atmosphere to alter the weather or reduce the population. That’s obviously nonsense, but what are these strange planes?

Here’s one making the rounds, scary looking barrels, and a sign on the wall that possibly says “Hazmat inside”


What is it? It’s a Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner, specifically it’s WD001, a plane that was used for flight testing. The original photo can be found here – note the “Hazmat” text was added later. The barrels contain water, which is pumped around to shift the center of gravity to test various flight characteristics.

Here’s a description of a similar setup from the 2002 book, “Inside Boeing, Building the 777″, page 76., describing tests done in 1994.

From Boeing’s blog:

Remember, we test at the extremes of the weight/CG envelope. This requires us to control the CG during ground and flight conditions. We can move weight, in the form of water, forward or aft with the use of the water ballast system. This system is comprised of 48 barrels, each capable of carrying 460 pounds, connected by tubing to a pump. A computerized system tracks fuel placement, fuel burn, people placement, ballast, flap setting, landing gear position and water barrel quantity. The information is processed to display the airplane’s current CG. We move water or specify fuel tank usage to configure the CG within the specified test requirements.

Why are there overhead luggage compartments? It’s a test plane, and for FAA certification they have to demonstrate that everything works. That includes stuff like the emergency oxygen system, and more minor things like the luggage compartments. It’s a requirement that they don’t pop open in flight – so that needs to be tested. They are also handy for stowing the engineers’ stuff.

Here’s some pictures from Boeing:


And a lot more photos can be found on Boeing’s site.


This one gets a lot of use in the “chemtrail” forums:


Particularly because of the unusual collections of pipes sticking out in various places. There’s those two at the front, and then there is a group over the wing. Here’s some close ups



Very sinister looking tubes, but why are half of them facing the wrong way?

The plane is not for spraying the atmosphere, it’s for sampling the atmosphere. It’s a research aircraft, registration N701BN, operated by th e department of energy’s national labs. It’s pretty much one of a kind, so it’s hardly likely to be responsible for all the persistent contrails we see every day. The research is mostly on pollutants in the atmosphere, particularly from coal and oil burning power plants. But they also investigate the properties of clouds, which includes contrails.


Here’s another photo you see in “chemtrail” videos, with the implied suggestion that it’s some kind of evil spraying device:


Actually it IS a spraying device, but quite innocuous. It’s on an NKC-135A (55-3128) with the refueling boom modified to spray water. This used by the air force to test icing of planes in flight.

Here’s the original photo:

See also: https://www.safaq.hq.af.mil/news/march04/raptor.html


Here’s some more details:



This plane is quite interesting:


It’s an E-6B “Tacamo”. This photo shows it dumping fuel (photo from tacamo.org). The E-6B is used by the United States Strategic Command as an airborne communication center. You can see the navy logo on the right wing. The E-6B is a modified version of the Boeing 707-320, and the fuel vents have been moved from the wing tips to between the fuselage and the engines in order to separate it from the communication equipment in the wing tips. This is what the wing-tip ESM/SATCOM pod looks like:


It looks like this odd assemblage is also creating some wingtip vortex contrails as well. The plane is pretty much all white, which is something you hear mentioned from time to time in “chemtrail” conspiracy theories.

Here’s another photo of the same plane, taken from a “chemtrail” YouTube video:


It shows the opening and drogue  for the ELF trailing wire antenna. This is a very long wire antenna that is extended behind the plane for several hundred feet and used for communications with submarines. The “drogue” is just a cone-shaped weight. Here’s a close-up



This plane also looks at first glance like it might be dumping fuel (click image for full sized photo):

But the trails are actually coming from six smoke generators. It was part of a NASA test to study wake vortices, you can read about it here:


Six smoke generators were installed under the wings of the 747 to provide a visual image of the trailing vortices. The object of the experiments was to test different configurations and mechanical devices on the747 that could be used to break up or lessen the strength of the vortices. The results of the tests could lead to shorter spacing between landings and takeoffs, which, in turn, could alleviate air-traffic congestion.

Here’s another image of the same plane:


This plane also occasionally get brought up in chemtrail conspiracy groups:

This is obviously not a contrail, it’s far too low and the trail is dropping too rapidly.

It’s a Boeing 747-100 “Supertanker”, modified by Evergreen Aviation, the only one of its kind. Specifically designed for fire fighthing. That’s it dumping water.   Here’s some more recent photos.

Here’s a video of it in action, titled “B747 chemtrails”. It’s interesting reading the comments, as the first comment correctly identifies what it is, and then everyone else just ignores that and starts speculating.


This one looks like a plane spraying stuff. But again it’s rather close to the ground. It’s actually taking off with the assistance of rockets. It’s not spraying, that’s just rocket exhaust.


This particular plane is a Boeing B-47B, rocket assisted take off, April 15, 1954. An no, that’s not a contrail in the sky behind it – it’s rip in the photo. Click on it for a large version from Wikipedia.


This one is used for cloud seeding. It does not actually spray anything but uses silver iodine flares that are either ejected, or burn in place.


It’s operated by the Sandy land Underground Water Conservation district of Plains, Texas, as part of theirSOAR program. They have some more photos of similar equipment on their site. They are all small aircraft not capable of getting to the above 30,000 feet where contrails normally form.


This next photo is also of silver iodine flares, fixed underneath at large plane.


These also show up in “chemtrail” literature. They are sold by Weather Modification Inc, they make a range of weather modification equipment. About this one they say:

WMI racks for ejectable flares are mounted on the belly of the aircraft fuselage. Each rack holds 102 cartridges. When fired, the pyrotechnic is ignited and ejected from the aircraft. In this configuration, the WMI Lear 35A is equipped with four 102-count racks for ejectable glaciogenic pyrotechnics, a total of 408 flares.

Here’s another, this time from North American Weather Consultants, Inc.


About which they say:

This aircraft-mounted cloud seeding generator is fixed in place, and can burn a silver iodide solution during flight.


This one is the “Mk.32 drogue-type underwing pod on the Armée de l’Air Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker” (“93-CC”- s/n 63-8472 of GRV 93). It’s an in-flight refueling system on a French Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker, photographed in Canada, Feb 2005.

See: http://www.baha.be/Webpages/Navigator/News/tanker_flight_240205.htm

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  • SciGuy2012-

    the video of the German news report is deliberately mistranslated…read the subject- Kartsen Brandt’s own words here:


  • SciGuy2012 says:

    Ok, that could be just a mistranslation, I don’t speak German and can’t confirm or deny it.

    It’s not like cement is going to turn back into a soft liquid form again in this forum. When the facts for certain folks’ standards in here are undeniable, the argument of “too much water isn’t a good thing either” comes out. People believe what they want to believe and will defend it to the end. Egos, wonderful things for seeing illusions.

    I can do what “they” do too, watch this…

    Reporter: “Sir, are u aware of aerosol spraying taking place in the skies over most countries?”

    Official Representative: “No.”

    Well u heard it here folks, the answer is no, carve that into the cement and let’s move on to the next nonsense.

  • SciGuy 2012:

    Ok, that could be just a mistranslation, I don’t speak German and can’t confirm or deny it. 

    It’s quite obviously more than that.

    It is quite obviously not an accidental mistranslation, in fact it is quite obviously DELIBERATE.

    Sciechimiche, the producers, have produced other frauds in the past, and no doubt intend to produce many more.

    While you have such guys “on board” you can kiss goodbye to any credibility you may think you have.

  • Ok… so if it is all fake… how do you explain.. that when these planes go over and they leave a trail the trail then get thicker and thicker over time, after so many have gone over the sky ends up grey and dark all because of these trails??

  • Noose:

    Ok… so if it is all fake… how do you explain.. that when these planes go over and they leave a trail the trail then get thicker and thicker over time, after so many have gone over the sky ends up grey and dark all because of these trails?? 

    The link “Contrails to Cirrus” at the top left does a good job (albeit in technical jargon) explaining this completely.
    If you have difficulty understanding this we’re open to further questions.

  • There we go says:

    Spraying programs exists, no doubt. What makes it so confusing is that most reported chemtrails are just contrails.

    Do not focus on the trails, but figure out if your local wether conditions did change and the amount of polution from local industry.

    Maybe humidity levels did raise, sea salt particles, or change in barium levels from industry processes.

    2 winters ago it was nation wide (overhere) ONLY SNOWING IN HEAVILY INDUSTRIALIZED PLACES. To form a raindrop or snow flake it needs a medium like a particle like the ones described above… The air could be more polluted, the fuel enriched/dirty, or more water vapor by warmer (local) climate. Maybe you’re just ain’t living anymore in the most dry region of your country – check it out!

    UK gov has made public it was spraying its people during the ’80.. I’m not a debunker, just very critical. Especially a black (shadow) parallel contrail made me wonder about how much dust and other pollution is in our atmosphere these days, as i think the shadow was projected on a layer of low dense industrial particals or fine dust (like smog). Reports have shown CO2 level in Europe did raise by industry, so i can tell barium level will do the same – also in US.

  • TWG, can you actually back up any of your claims with links? Actual evidence?

  • By There we go:
    “Especially a black (shadow) parallel contrail made me wonder about how much dust and other pollution is in our atmosphere these days, as i think the shadow was projected on a layer of low dense industrial particals or fine dust (like smog)”

    Those contrail shadows are falling on a thin layer of clouds below the contrail, nothing sinister there.

  • Suntour:

    Those contrail shadows are falling on a thin layer of clouds below the contrail, nothing sinister there. 

    Here is a quick vid of the same process happening from above.


  • THIS IS A DISINFO SITE!!!!!!!! People, please, don’t waste your time here.


Komentarze 3 to “Kto ma rację ,o co na prawdę chodzi.Podyskutujmy.”

  1. Nicram said

    Może to i prawda, ale dzisiaj znowu coś rozpylają dokładnie nad moją głową. Gdyby to były tylko testy, to nie robiliby ich tak często i akurat nad Polską, która raczej nie jest potęgą w produkcji nowych typów samolotów.

    Jednak te dzisiejsze smugi bardzo szybko znikają. Albo jest w nich tylko woda, albo mój chembuster tak świetnie działa.

    • zenobiusz said

      Niewątpliwie,program modyfikacji pogody istnieje.Potwierdzenie znajdujemy tutaj.
      To, że orgonity i bustery działają ,nie ulega dla mnie wątpliwości.Niemniej pytanie, co jest podstawową dezinformacją,mającą nas zmylić.Sądze,że Pan DeMeo ,zareagował alergicznie na prace Crofta,bo myślał że będzie miał monopol na prace nad orgonem.Niemniej wiele jego argumentów, godnych jest przemyślenia,zwłaszcza materiał o samolotach do oprysków jest miażdżący.Zastanawia mnie inna sprawa.Czemu tych argumentów,mocnych merytorycznie nie użył żaden z licznych atakujących temat orgonu ośmieszaczy.Jest to co najmniej dziwne.

    • zenobiusz said

      Gdy aktywowałem mój sprzęt,też ze złośliwą satysfakcją obserwowałem ,jak szybko smugi znikają nad moją głową. 🙂


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