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Brawo Austriacy .Baza NATO na celowniku cichej broni.Gifting Air Force And Surrouding

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 27 sierpnia 2011


 Gifting Air Force And Surrouding
Hello to all, I could just not wait to post that the big Air Force NATO base in Aviano and the surroundings have been gifted. 220 TB, 20 HHG and 20 EP have found their own right place. In the next days I will write more. We (together with AXL) suspect that a huge UFO UG is there.
I have just seen in the map that there are still more spots to do!
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 Re: Gifting Air Force And Surrouding
Aviano!!!well done indeed


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 Re: Gifting Air Force And Surrouding
great, great, great!Well done!

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 Re: Gifting Air Force And Surrouding
thanks a lot to you and axel for the great work!!
#4   24 Aug 2011 07:38
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 Re: Gifting Air Force And Surrouding
the 1st of 100, and many more happy returns!
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 Re: Gifting Air Force And Surrouding
So now I will write a bit more. In these days there is a Saharian hot, here in Vienna too. It seems bad guys made, but whon knows…
I would like you see the following pictures, taken from the mountain Aviano Castaldia, just above the Air Force base.Image


We had just gifted the NAto basis when we made this photo. You can see the DOR in the atmosphere as the black fog in the air. It was a very hot day with 35°C and no clouds, only some cumulus in the mountain (the one gifted  Wink  ). Just above the base the quantity of DOR is not so big, but if you see the second photo you see lot of DOR. We had not yet gifted that region.

Left to the base there is a strange region the start from the town Maniago. Two very little rivers form a huge V, as you can see from the satellite.


I knew, because of the many UFO sightings, that 2 Grays UG base have to be in this area. So we found probably one that is the green arrow in the above picture. Axel cheked it later in the chat and found that we were some hundreds meter from the entrace in the grove. Inspiration told us to go away, as the sun was going down. If I am there again I will leave there some more „gardening decorations”.
Close to it there is a unusual gravel pit, and all around it it is written danger mine explosion.
It looks like the rest of what they are drilling UG.
Dooney send me a map of the most important spots…it seems that the second UFO Ug could be where the National Friulano Dolomit Park is.

Close to the NAto base there is for sure a huge military UG. We saw lots of military area popping up between the corn fields! We found also 4 strange things, like water tower with HT power lines ending there. So where is going the power? Maybe UG?


Anyway we had only one weekend, and I think we made already some good things. Next target is LAgo di santa croce and the top mountain array sourrounding it. It was told me the it is used from the „stargate” people. I hope to make a disaster for the weatehr control of the NWO.

Everything went well we were very good assisted.  Smile

I have to thank John Connor of orgonise Germany for the generous HHG contribution, it has been a lovely act. Some of your HHGs will work also for the next top mountain arrays! Thank again. You have done so much in the last years for Italy too

So my target for 2011 – 2012 is to PORURIZE Friuli and oriental Veneto. I just ask help to Operators. One big desire is also to set 3-4 CB in this area. I ask the operators that someone will awake. I am living too far to make everything.

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