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Gifting Places Of Power

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 23 sierpnia 2011

Here is a tip that maximizes the gifting effect. 
When orgonite is being placed in a place that has increased energy, the energy fields of that place are going into motion. That multiplies the dynamic of the orgonite and the place’s itself. 
If the place is of positive or neutral energy it’s all well. When the place is negative, then the orgonite does the same thing that does to death towers. So it is still OK to put there orgonite. 

How do we find such a place if we are not energy sensitive? 

We simply watch out for outer marks that indicate such a thing. The smell (ozone like smell for good-rot smell for bad), the animals (plenty of animals good – lesser or one kind of animals bad), the behavior of people living there (nice behavior equals good place), myths and stories of the place, mythological references, the quality of light (if it feels always like it’s dawn or dusk it means we are in a place that the „veils” between realities are thin), strange symbols found there and their meaning, strange people or animals who act like guards to that place, unexplained phenomena, loss of time, strange non linear transport of people or things into the specific place, denial of mind to remember an unexplained event while being there and recalling it afterwards when we are away. 

And remember. The best way to find such places is to want this, to be aware and alert but not looking for it! 

Good luck Wink




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