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To działa,relacja wojownika.

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 5 lipca 2011

I have never seen live a Reich Cloudbuster but i can tell you why i build a Don Croft Orgonite Cloudbuster which very early on my investigations of the new subject to me were clearly not the same thing.
Living in an island with no buildings arund is just to easy to look up to the sky and realise that hundreds of planes were flying leaving some nasty spew that wasnt there some years back. This spew spread out and covered with a nasty greyish/Black tapestry that felt gloomy and just plain nasty, certainyl it felt anomoulous and wrong. I believe that can be classified as a ecologic disaster, not sure by hte author of that article´s understanding of ecology  but certainly mine.
So i did some investigation to try to understand why then planes leaving all that crap in the sky spoiled the day and seemed to have a correlation with people´s mood and physical well being too.
It was like this that i encountered Orgonite and Don Croft´s orgonite Cloudbuster. I was so angry and sad to see this terrorist act happening above people´s heads and most wouldnt even realised (changing now i believe lol) that the 1st thing i ever build was a cloudbuster to put to the test the information i was seeing on this forum.
It took a lot of effort and money from my part when i had little but i finally finished it.  When it was up working it opened a blue patch of about 1 mile around my house but did not clear the whole sky as i was expecting. I started directing it to the spew in one area, to the other, and it always was clearing it but the assault was too much for this cloudbuster so i decided then to make Towebusters.
I must have made less than 30 pieces in all and started gifitng around my house as protection and went to the major Antennas in town to reverse their sickening Atmospheric Ecologic terrorism which the author of the article has nothing to say about.
To my surprise the change was inmediate and the Blue patch became bigger and those spews weren´t lasting so long and were unable to cover the whole sky anymore.
At the same time i started to relaise this amazing cloud shapes which seem to be ON FIRE! such flames and shapes of beauty! Watching closely i could see how they streched to reach those spews and eat them all up until they were gone! i learned they were called Sylphs and i ve come to love them and it is very comforting they are around.
SO happy i was to see there was a remedy to Atmospheric Ecologic Terrorism that next i had to make HHG´s and Boy, did they work!! with just 5 of them reaching to more antennas that same day started to rain , i think that is a positive sign of atmospheric cleansing but what would i know, i do not have a signed letter stating i studied 40 hours of the weather dinamics.
It certainly felt good to breath fresh air and get rain after months of draught and gray sludge.
So with these 3 simple things i was convinced that Orgonite is a healing tool for the environment and certainly falls under my cateogry of the most ecological loving thing one can do for Life in general.
I think i might understand the word ecology a bit different than such an ¨authority¨ as the author of the article. For me, Atmospheric Ecological Terrorism is to use weapons against the atmosphere such as HAARP or using Microwave radiation against  unsuspecting people. It is also to fry their brains with cell technology that is designed to do so and support any of the Genocidal and Eugenist agendas of the UN,WHO and its Sustainable development and green Ecology packages sponsored by Mr Rothchild et al which coincidentally he has nothing to say about.

pd.- What got me really convinced ´do about Orgonite is the stupidity of the secret police chasing me to 2 places were i was gifting orgonite. I figured that if they were chasing me because i was dropping pieces of resin, metal and a crystal inside that i was doing something good and was on the right track lol  They do not show anymore, i think they´ve given up.

So build your cloudbuster and gift to your hearts content please cause good comfirmations are there if you do, and you do not need a dregree in anything to know it.


Komentarze 4 to “To działa,relacja wojownika.”

  1. Piotr said

    Dopiero na Chromie mi przetłumaczyło.Ciekawe,że jak sie doda pare orgonitów w terenie to powiększa sie obszar czystego nieba ,większy niż pdzy samym chembusterzea,sprawdze to.Dobrze że jest taki blog,bi na Zenobiuszu trzeba było szukać orgonu między innymi tematami.Teraz będe czytał oba 🙂 Sprawdze jak to działa mam mały ale całkiem skuteczny orgonit kupiony w zielonej harmoniiPozdrawiam wszystkich.

    • zenobiusz said

      Mam nadzieje,że odezwie się więcej orgonowców.Jesteśmy zapóźnieni w stosunku do paru krajów.
      Wszelkie doświadczenia własne,będą bezcenne,w początkach działań,bo jesteśmy trochę jak ślepi we mgle.

      • Megi said

        Ja nie mogę wciąż przebić się przez techniczną stronę zagadnienia, ale walczę 🙂 Codziennie odmawiam z córką różaniec między 19.30 a 20.00. Śledziłam walkę z chmurą radioaktywną i jeśli chodzi o wsparcie modlitewne to zgłaszam w razie potrzeby na razie 2 osoby. Pozdrawiam

        • zenobiusz said

          Bóg zapłać dobra Kobieto.Różaniec jest bardzo potrzebny.
          Matki Polki,zawsze były podstawą naszej przewagi nad wrogami.
          Kłopoty techniczne pokonasz,i pomożesz byśmy” czynili sobie ziemię poddaną.”
          Pozdrawiam serdecznie.


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